You surely have already seen some wonderful dingbats fonts around, you know those fonts with drawings or objects instead of the traditional letters.
The beauty of dingbats fonts is that they are a font, so obviously vectorial, and that means resizable!

So basically, you could use them as FONTS, or like BRUSHES in your designing program, or, once rasterized, you could use them as CLIPARTS and color them and/or play with BLENDING modes.

Here are some absolutely awfull but speaking examples :


So, make a layout with one or several dingbat fonts (not too much to keep unity), and write which they are and what kind of technique’s you use

(blending mode, rasterisation …)

[Note being : to organise, view and use my ….. numerous fonts (and when I say numerous, I mean really numerous {around 70.000 !!!}), I use a software named FontViewer, no need to install a font to be able to use it, you could choose to just enable it temporarily during the time of your work session), I also end by reinstalling The Font Thing on Windows 7 in compatibility mode for XP pack 3, and it allows to see the character table, to choose easily which character correponds to which design.]

See them, well organized alphabetically or sometimes by theme ?

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Here is my Layout :