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Designing process

Hello Ladies (is there gentlemen here ? I were curious to know…) I hope I didn’t bother you with talking about something else than SCRAPBOOKING ? Just let me know, ok ? Today, back to scrapbooking… and freebie, and about designing travel and process. Long time ago, I begin scrapbooking, real scrapbooking, but In France you could not […]

ERROR in the freebie download

I just want to let you know that I make a mistake by letting blank spaces in the zip name, that, surprisingly, WooCommerce doesn’t like at all ! So I correct the zip file name and the link, try to download it again and let me know if there still is a problem. UI want […]


New freebie.

I forget to tell you that I have a freebie to share on myMemories, so hurry if you don’t already catch it : It is matched with the whole colection, and with the MM BT bonus, online the 16th of December. I already set the whole collection in MyMemories and in this store (with the […]