I wish to create an effect like this one :

2015-07-kiki contrast

Photoshop dripping paint :

Open your image, or a new one, I will show you the basic of the effect, and you will test it with what you want, You will see that it works with every kind of image -photo, brush stroke, etc,,, – it just needs a little exercise, After a short while, you will manage it like the « dripping queens »,

For my first step here, I play with brushes, as if it is a spray bomb (just for the example),

19-07-2015 18-17-04

Filter > Liquify

19-07-2015 18-18-25

Choose the first tool (FORWARD WRAP TOOL) or shortkey [W ]

19-07-2015 18-19-37

and play with the image to create a drip,

19-07-2015 18-22-14

When you think the size of your drip is ok, choose the BLOAT tool (5th icon tool or key [B]) and clic and stay on the bottom of your drip to round the end,

19-07-2015 18-22-56

You could make several drips, just try to imagine how the wet painting must react in « real » life,

19-07-2015 18-24-36

Play with size options to obtain the result of what you had in mind.

19-07-2015 18-25-59

You could also pick the color of the spot you want to drip and paint slightly on a new layer and only apply LIQUIFY on this layer, to avoid modifying the original image.

Here is what I do with this technique :



Here is the english PDF for this tuto : English PDF

Voici le PDF en français pour ce tuto : PDF Français

And you, how will you use this technique ? Show me your page.