February 2022 freebie : it is Bird Feeding Month

This year I decide to use the “Month of…” to choose my theme around the palette voted by the designers of MyMemories. Each month we have 4 palettes proposed and we vote. That is the way we choose the palette. So I add a theme upon the palette and TADAAA !!

Last month, it was the Hot Tea Month, and this time, I choose a Bird Feeding theme for February ! I am not easy with purple colours, so it was another challenge, but I love challenge, what do you think ?


As always, one of the mini of the collection is free for a week, the second one will be free for 2 weeks (the famous MM Blog Train bonus !!! Ahaha !!). I add a pair of Quickpages (I will sell them by pair now as we have been asked to upper our price due to the increase of Paypal fees 🙁 )
So if you want only one, two possibilities :
1- Hurry now while they are sold by one or
2- Buy them in CarolineB-design store but I also asked to buy for a minimum total amount of $2 for the moment, and $3 in few weeks, for the same Paypal reasons.)


So, I hope you will enjoy them.

Another great new (for me, at least LOL), is that Carly from MyMemories asked me to enter the Exclusive Designer Club, and I say YES ! So my first Exlusive kit is a COWBOY COWGIRL theme and it is 50% off the first week, so hurry !!

I also add a couple of QPs, also at 50% off, so 2 for the price of one !! :

I just want to ad something : of course, the referal coupon bellow helps me paying my MM fees and server fees.
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So I may create back albums and photobooks.
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