Designing process

Hello Ladies (is there gentlemen here ? I were curious to know…)

I hope I didn’t bother you with talking about something else than SCRAPBOOKING ? Just let me know, ok ?

Today, back to scrapbooking… and freebie, and about designing travel and process.

Long time ago, I begin scrapbooking, real scrapbooking, but In France you could not find anything at that time, the fashion of scrapbooking wasn’t launched and it was impossible to find cute elements and papers. So, I begun to design for my own scrapbooking page, sometimes around 2004 (OMG ! Only 16 years ago ?), I learned that is was called “Digital Scrapbooking”, I don’t invent it…

I drew everything with CorelDraw for vector pieces and Photoshop for pixels. Scrapbooking style was to try to mimic real scrapbooking, stating that lights would come from top left, and everything was a bit flat. Papers were not textured and elements were like cardboard pieces stuck together with a drop of glue. But I already enjoy it, and a lot ! Because I came from fashion and I feel more liberty in scrapbooking.

Then another style appeared with real elements photographed and detoured, more realistic shadows that can only be obtained with Photoshop and PaintShopPro (which was really simple to use at that time).

I enter my first online shop after having ordered in the few stores that existed at that time (then, after that, I sold in more than 40 stores since the first one !)

And CU (Commercial Use) appeared for designers and … non-designers (and the amount of “designers” increased too !)

I was totally against it ! Real designers would be able to make their own pieces and papers ! I was asked to sell my products as CU but I always said a big no!

Little by little, my willing decreased and I entered a CU shop, I owned some stores, even CU ones, with not a lot of success, but it is another story, and after 2 or 3 years, I took a step back ! No, definitively, I would not sell my stuff as CU.

I enter in MyMemories in June 2011.

Now, (almost) every designers use CU products to make their own. That’s a fact and that is the normal evolution of a hobby ! Even selling is still a hobby, I don’t think of a designer making a living now with her sale nowadays !

I have installed my own store, Caroline B. Design, selling my products in kits and as single elements, I thought that customers would appreciate the fact to compose their own cart with only elements they need. Then I discover that a new store open with the same idea : Pixel Scrapper, They also have a big community, challenge, blog, a whole environment that is different from the majority of the other stores, and you can dowload some free pieces each days.

And last year, during confinement, Pixel Scrapper propose a bargain that I cannot refuse ! A whole year of unlimited CU products for a so ridiculous price ! I step ahead, take a subscription (“just to see !”), and never regret it. I am now able to make much more kits than ever, to make again Layouts and Quickpages in the same time. I just promise to myself that I will never use the same CU product twice (except my own, of course), and as Pixel Scrappers ask in their TOU (Term of Use) never use them as it, even only recolore it, you cannot find the final same product in another store. And it is a kick in my mojo, which has the bad habit to disappear from time to time !

I enjoy again creating and sharing products, exchanging thoughts with customers and readers, looking for new ideas to use this big amount of digital material (as I wrote in the last post), and offering freebies !

This one is because primroses begins to show the tip of their noses today, but hurry, it will be free for only a week !

And, as always, thanks for reading !