Some explanations… and…

Hello dear friends,

I take time, at the end, because I want to explain somethings since long time.

First, I begin (as a totally newbie) a series of videos in French about the use of MyMemories Suite I will try to translate them in the better English than I am able. I am shy about my English, but I decide to have a try. So I post the 3rd video (and if you want to learn French, it is a good approach — if you want to have a good “slice of laugh” too, you can use the automatic translation in English, that worth its weight in peanuts, as we said in France).

So here is the 3rd video :

Second, I decide to take my own store “in hands”, and I add my “oldy but still goodie” products, and as I discontinue kits in MyMemories, there will be only in my Caroline B. personal store now.

This store will continuously be at 20% off (at least), because I pay no fees to a bigger store (bigger stores always keep a certain amount of percentage because of server and ad fees), but as this one is my own, and I doall the installation, advertising (I am not good at that…), I just pay the Paypal fees for each sale. That is also why I ask often for a minimum amount of $3 in cart, because if under $2, I pay too much Paypal fees that it is not worth the pain.

And as you may notice, I also take time to transform my Album Templates made for MyMemories Suite into quickages (as I was asked for), and full my both stores with them. So, some are quite old, but regarding how they are sold in MyMemories, I think I made a good choice. I overwhelmed my automatic newsletter with new products imported by RSS in the blog, so I disabled it also. I have more time to write real post.

And, cherry on the top, here is a little something for you, my loyal readers, a cluster made with the very-old-but-still-good “Beautiful May”.

So enjoy.
I hope for you and your beloved ones a good weekend, a good confinement time, keep create pages, stay positive, stay creative, stay safe at home…

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