Thing owe, thing due : A freebie !

OK, I will not add another sad couplet about the CoVid-19, we are all in the same boat…
We are confined, here in France, since 14 days and still be until 15th of April, in the better case, that is not certain! The good thing is the Nature will breath a bit, we are going to live closer than never to the ones we love, and tell them how we love them by staying inside the more we can.

A thing I always tell to my daughter and that I apply to myself since (too much) years : each day, try to learn one thing, to create one thing and to help one people. Soooo… I take back my Japanese courses (I even plan to learn Icelandic), I design like a crazy, and I sew masks for my family. I try several models of mask and find some very clever on the Net.
And dear readers, I think it is the very good “break” time we need in ou life to scrap our photos, our memories and souvenirs…
So for now, thanks to Internet, we still can share and communicate, we till could share documents, ideas and … freebies!

So here is the promised freebie, matched with the “Women” collection and the MyMemories Blog Train (so if you haven’t already pick the 41 freebies matched with the same palette, it is still time, you have 4 days left !

For me, I will try to share a freebie each week, (I hope I can hold to that promise… I will pencil it on my online Calendar)…

you will find the WOMEN collection HERE

And the freebie here :

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And till the next time, stay inside, stay safe!