Some News..

Hello friends,

It’s been a while since I wrote here.

First I was hired to have public talks on Art History, as you may know, I am specialist of Modern Painting (XXth Century), so one or two talks each month was a big big challenge for me (who hate talking and have glossophobia!) and a loooot of work to prepare them (as I am perfectionist).

Then comes the end of School Year, Léa’s preparation for her first big oral exam is not nothing for us all. Fortunately, she was helped by a very very kind psychologist, and she succeed with veeeeeeery good marks ! Pfuuu ! A first spine out of our feet ! Next step is  the French Baccalaureate, which is the sine-qua-non condition to pursue higher studies here. She is in Engineer section, she wants to pursue in robotic and artificial intelligence, so… Let’s hope she will have another good school year.

And then, she also prepare for the Interceltic Festival of Lorient, where she played “bombarde“, a sort of Breton pipe without bag. She played with her band, a “bagad” in Breton. Here they are on last Sunday (she is the short hair girl with sunglasses):

And for me, I have good news, for me first, and surely for you too.

I will enter in a big store, may be the first store where I buy my first kit when I begin digital scrapbooking, so it is not nothing for me! My store will open there next week (with freebies), so stay tuned!

The good new for you is that they have a lot of freebies in their newsletter…

Here is a first teaser, from the specific previews asked for the store, you may recognize it, may you? Post your guess below.