Artsy kits

After having created the Dulce series, for which I also add a plain papers kit, I set all my hand drawn (till now) kits in my personal store… Very happy to see them in one sight !

And I now add Scribble words and Alpha, another good idea from TAM (I will never say enough thanks to her !), did you see her incredible loyout using this alpha ?
Let me know your feelings :


I also be back to my lovely sewing machine (no, not the old 35-years-of-deep-love-one, “she” (yes, she is a girl !) is still in the cupboard, I cannot throw her away.. not ready, not yet..) and I sew an only-few-cut kimono top of my invention with a cotton chiffon (it happens to be Maori design, it seams…). I do it to hide my additional kilos and I love this Tunisian collarvery elegant in my own opinion… yes, a Tunisian collar on a kimono, weird thing but true kimono sleeves !

here it is :


And you, about scribbles, what kind of word would you need for your journaling ?
(the better idea will win the kit!)

I wait for your comments !